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Baiyun Airport opens children’s playground (2016/11/23)

Dazzling light, castle, pumpkin coach and wooden horse are part of everyone’s happy childhood memory.  From Oct. 26, the playground at Baiyun Airport officially opens to the public; visitors can have a free wonderful carousel trip at the airport, a special wonderland co-designed by LS-Game and Elephant! 


LS-Game co-hands with Elephant to open a children’s playground in Baiyun Airport.


Located at Hall A8-A9, Domestic Arrival, Area A, Baiyun Airport, covering an area of 130 sq. meters, the playground is divided into a Dream Telephone Booth experience center and a Sea World experience center.  Painted with yellow, red, blue and green colors, the playground is very eye-catching.  At the Dream Telephone Booth experience center, kids can communicate with other little friends and use the telephone to tell their dreams.  There is even the adorable cartoon character GG Bond coming to the venue to interact with children and encouraging them to tell their dreams.  Besides, kids can take photos in front of the big scene written with Chinese characters “我在白雲機場”(I am at Baiyun Airport).  Whilst the Sea World center features carousels with the theme of marine animals, making big difference from traditional carousels, the seats are designed with 12 different animals, providing visitors with an immersive experience.  Players can also experience other funny characters’ design facilities like sea turtle, leopard, gorilla and caterpillar among others.

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