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Shanxi deploys special rectification action targeting the culture amusement industry (2018/06/21)

In order to strengthen the construction of the culture amusement industry, purify the market environment and get rid of illegal business operations, the Culture Department of Shanxi Province is taking special rectification action towards the amusement culture industry.  It will last 4 months from June to September.

There are four key points to the special rectification action.
I. Regulate amusement game venues.  Strictly implement the relevant documents and clarify the supervisory responsibility of the Culture Department.  Enhance in the supervision and inspection of the safe production of culture amusement venues as well as densely-populated culture amusement venues and temporary stages of culture amusement venues.

II. Regulate operating order.  The supervision mainly focuses on high-crime areas such as the area around schools, urban and suburban areas, urban villages, and rural villages and towns. Review comprehensively whether there is an inspection mechanism inside the venue and whether the venue serves underage clients.

III. Ensure the content is safe and healthy.  Enhance the market inspection of dancing and singing entertainment, amusement entertainment, cyber culture, and performances as well as strictly inspect if there is any banned content in the lyrics, amusement machines, websites, artworks or performances.  The Culture Department and Public Security Bureau should unite to strictly investigate gambling activities together by knocking out the amusement game venues that are involved in gambling.

IV. Carry out the industry investigation.  Once pornography sites are discovered during the investigation, the Culture Department should provide the evidence to the Politics and Law Committee and Public Security Bureau in time. In order to know if the administrative supervisors and law enforcement officers from the Cultural Department are involved in any crimes or corruption, investigative inquiries should be made.  Severely investigate and punish civil servants who participate in or participate in the disguised form of any activities operated by the culture amusement market. (No. 165GTI/2018.6)

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