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First Brogent’s flying theater opened in Central Asia

The flying theater made in Taiwan has successfully expanded to Central Asia! The flying theater built by Brogent Technologies Inc. for Kazakhstan was officially opened in mid-April this year. It’s located in the newly opened luxury shopping center Caravan Saray in Turksestan, the historical and tourist capital of Kazakhstan. Caravan Saray boasts the largest luxury shopping center in Central Asia. It was invested and built by the Turkestan government. Its buildings are medieval in style and connected by a canal. Brogent’s flying theater is inside the most visible golden egg-shaped building in the center. Riders will become the travelers of the Great Silk Road in the Middle Ages and fly over the historical mythology of Kazakhstan to feel the mysterious culture of Central Asia through a giant dome of more than 20 meters with five senses flying experience.

With the expansion of vaccinations, the world's major theme parks are gradually lifting their lockdowns and reopening in various places one after another. Brogent Technologies Inc. said that many projects around the world have resumed work, and it is expected that more than 20 somatosensory equipment will be completed and started operation in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, Japan, Vietnam, China and other places this year. And with the completion of new projects one after another, it is optimistic that this year's operation is expected to return to the level of revenue and profit in 2019. In addition, in response to the diverse needs of customers after the pandemic, Brogent is also ready to launch diversified somatosensory amusement equipment to quickly provide the best products and solutions in the market. (2021/05, 196G)

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